Food [Deutsch]

Torte oder Kuchen?

Wann sagt man auf Deutsch Torte und wann wird Kuchen benutzt, wird mir noch immer nicht klar. Bis jetzt habe ich nur das gelernt, dass Sacher immer nur eine Torte und nie einen Sacher Kuchen ist.



After thinking a lot about the digital pollution (flooding the interwebs and the useful stuff out there with trillions of useless data) and arguing with my inner self, why Škratja mustn’t go online and contribute to that flood of online waste, we did something nice offline. We sold one of two cars we were driving. Črnko (engl. “blackie”) left our car park for good and we wish the new owner, that it will serve him good, as he did us.

Fun [English]

Hello World

It was years of imagination how would it be like, management of expectancy, planning of what could have been cool and reasoning why shouldn’t I start blogging—that is intensively textualizing in widest cultural-studies-understanding of text and posting my alter-egoistic attitudes into the Digital.