Fun Sports [English]

Almost an Ordinary Sunday Run… With Nike+ SportWatch

Weekend was long, since I was under writing pressure. But despite all stressy and messy thoughts, I managed to finish my text around noon today and the whole Sunday afternoon was there waiting for me. Since I didn’t feel very well, the first and the most important thing on the todo list was running.

* Tweeting in everyday life Books [English]

Thomas Luckmann is Tomaž from Jesenice, Slovenia #didntknow

Alfred Schütz and Thomas Luckmann are social scientists, probably well-known to everyone with interest in humanities and social sciences. I was just reading their book The Structures of the Life-World, that would be one on the theoretical grounds in my PhD. Their book is about forming social spaces through communication (a very rough description) and was written, technically, by Luckmann after Schütz’s death, based on Schütz’s notes and with the assistance of his widow.

Fun Love [English]

This Is Not a Love Post

I don’t love the busy and smelly tourist city of Venice, although I like its exhibitions, little lonely streets and canals in late summer afternoons. Strolling in parks away from the crowded San Marco, watching the blue skies and yellow houses, while holding his hand, made Venice more than bearable. The rationalizing goal of visiting international art exhibition suddenly turned into überkitschig movie scenery. <3