Fun Love [English]

This Is Not a Love Post

I don’t love the busy and smelly tourist city of Venice, although I like its exhibitions, little lonely streets and canals in late summer afternoons. Strolling in parks away from the crowded San Marco, watching the blue skies and yellow houses, while holding his hand, made Venice more than bearable. The rationalizing goal of visiting international art exhibition suddenly turned into überkitschig movie scenery. <3

Venice Art Biennale 2011

But, since this is not a love blogpost I should turn the attention back to the goal of visiting Venice: its international Art Biennale exhibition. With video and few photo memories I am summing up my impressions.

My Favourite Talking Heads

These sweet talking heads from Nathaniel Mellors are probably one of my favourite pieces.–Although(!) we started at the Giardini venue and then experienced huge lack of time to enjoy the Arsenale – the Italian Pavilion there seemed to be very promising…

Some Photo Impressions

ps: Next time maybe start at the Arsenale venue?

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