After thinking a lot about the digital pollution (flooding the interwebs and the useful stuff out there with trillions of useless data) and arguing with my inner self, why Škratja mustn’t go online and contribute to that flood of online waste, we did something nice offline. We sold one of two cars we were driving. Črnko (engl. “blackie”) left our car park for good and we wish the new owner, that it will serve him good, as he did us.

We didn’t sell it, because it would be old or broken or something. We did it, because it’s unecological and uneconomical for two people to own two cars, even though we live in two cities, two countries actually, and are commuting between Ljubljana and Klagenfurt weekly or more often.

Both cars were parked from Monday to Friday, normally, one in Klagenfurt and the other in Ljubljana, and at the weekend one would drive to the other and then we would be sharing just one smelly gasoline coach anyway (cause we kind of like being together even in car). ;)

The sold car cost us approximately 360 € monthly, that includes fixed and all variable costs as gasoline, insurance, parking… And a train ride between Ljubljana-Klagenfurt and back is 20 €. How many times can we now commute between both places for that money?

Of course there will now also arise some other costs of transportation, especially on smaller distance, like taxi or new bike, but I believe it would still be cheaper and—what might be even more important—greener.
Eco-nomical * eco-logical = eco2

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