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World-Weariness, Weltschmerz, Svetobolje

After I am getting this unpleasant feeling, that the frequency of catastrophes, serious political clashes and wars is getting extremely higher worldwide, and that a-political behaviour is flooding the small country of my origin, I am becoming extremely sad. World-weariness (sl. svetobolje, ger. Weltschmerz) is spreading over my blue spirit. But what can I do? I know that ignorance is not quite the best answer. (All though she can be such a bliss!)

Some people I meet and follow these days are not ignorant at all. But they should be.

That is because the only way they are responding to the world is negative and cynic. And that’s pushing the collective spirit to the edge. Therefore could collectivity soon tumble and fall apart into complete chaos. Sarcastics and cynycists could then be vehemently storming: I knew it, that shit is going to happen… Of course it would have happened, when you (bastards!) have been so ugly negativistic towards everything! *ranting*

When somebody, or better, when a lot of somebodies would have decided, not to be distant, anti- and a-political through that negativism, I am sure, situation would be better or at least not so bad. Instead of twirling in the spiral of negativity, overstated aggressive criticism and self-pitying irony, (some smart) politicians and (some smart) thoughtful women and men, who might have survived that childish torture, could even manage to stick their energy with what could better-up the environments we’re settling. But who would have known…

ps: When feeling negative, transform to creative critic. If manic destructive, please do us all a favour and shut up.

K tnx bye!

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