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Saturdaying Upgraded

Lying in bed at noon on Sunday confirms more than successful planning of this saturdaying. What is saturdaying? Slovenian word for it would be sobotkanje and my suggestion for German dictionaries is Samstagern (in Switzerland there is a village with this hip name). This very special weekend mode can include as many of  your favourite activities as you like it or it can consist of 100-percent of doing nothing. Anything and everything, as long as you are enjoying yourself without having a second thought on your general life-work concerns.

The saturdaying started on early Friday evening for us with Škrat, as we were lucky that we got our tickets for the show Živalska farma (Animal Farm) in Ljubljana Puppet Theater, based on well-known George Orwell‘s book. After the show we wanted to discuss this fascinating work that has been nicely adapted to slovenian reality in 2012… Guys who spontaneously joined us, wouldn’t let us leave after the first drink and I started the Saturday’s brunch with friends with a sleepy head.

Brunching on Saturday took us a while and turned into buying some veggies at Ljubljana Central Market, that was actually just a pit-stop on our way to margaritas and celebrating Cinco de mayo. Just a perfect spontaneous not-reason to enjoy the saturdaying whole day long.

Margaritas, photo by Škrat

Sunday woke me up with light rain and perfect morning for running. Grey rainy fog turned suddenly into sunny raining – spring weather, I guess – this made the 9k of Rožnik hills even more beautiful. Now after delicious breakfast I am lying again in my bed and thinking, how perfect this upgraded saturdaying is.

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