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My Private TV-Show

With 31 I was ripe enough to visit the NYC. It happened after some months of my life, where change and work were one of the seldom constants of my living. The stressy’n’messy (but also awesome!) period ended with an ugly cold, that has been upgraded to bronchitis as soon as we landed in the USA: Sunday’s sprints at the Boston airport to catch connecting flight to the JFK airport and then Monday’s rushing through Manhattan subway stations haven’t done any good to me.

Brooklyn through the window

Yesterday and today I stayed at home and started observing Williamsburg through the 18th floor windows. Weather feels like a very warm version of humid London weather with winds, that are pleasant, raindrops and sun rays playing some never ending game. In the dynamic but stable scenery of the Williamsburg neighborhood are children, black suited hat men, girls and  ladies with overknie skirts pushing buggies up and down the streets, police cars, firefighters, yellow school busses, an ice-cream van and male hipsters wearing orange nail polish (this little detail is from subway). Brooklyn street watching has become my private TV-Show.

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