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Survive PhD

Every graduate student knows (or should know), that writing PhD is just another job. It shouldn’t be (too much) drama and it must not by any chance expand in to somebody’s life-time trauma. But… There is always a but! ;)

Uncertainty, questions with no answer, running in circles, thoughts on what is useful, meaningful, or rational, sometimes do come out and they all resume into one  giant doubt. That doubt induce fears, uncertainty, madness—a mess! And the evil thread goes even further, because messy-head then panics and drops its productivity… *grrrr*

Yeah, you guessed it, it is I the happy camper, circulating there just now, worrying and being unproductive. *hrmpf* But, a but again! I am going to eat that frog, one way or another.

On my way there I will be reading Gauntlett’s How to Survive Your PhD (Thanks N!) and _believe_ in the third item on that list. #selfempowering

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