Rants [English]

Limits Like Fear

The greatest enemy of a person is fear. Fear of failing, misjudge, falling, unsuccess, being unhappy. Fear of pain, illness and dying. Fear of loneliness, of being forgotten from your colleagues and friends.

Blocking That Perfect Human

Thoughts of fear and feeling fear is blocking the perfect human in us. If we are afraid, we cannot play, study, work properly and we cannot love, which is extremely bad. :) What a loss and what a bad fortune is our life than, when being struggled through limited experiences of constant dread of something. Instead of living with an optimistic view, accepting objectives, adapting ourselves to new conditions, or exciting our chances, we often choose to stuck in shadow; we are avoiding this tiny little butterflies, that could stimulate our joy and success.

“Self-Arresting” Behaviour

Why are people so afraid of bosses, of losing or quitting jobs, moving to the other country or even moving within the same country? Why do they surrender to the pointless “self-arresting” behaviour and life in the cage? Why does the majority never doubt in their so called “security paradigm”, that is intimate narration, where arguments for hanging on status quo are constantly being emphasized?

Sometimes it is being done for the sake of living life easy and uncomplicated; sure it is always easier to silence and ignore the irritation, as to think things thoroughly and confront issues and possibilities…But trying to forget the problems did almost never solve anything.

Fake Comfort

Ignoring facts and categorizing them under “not so bad” or “not very important” seems like the control over situation has being won. But is it won?

The ignored issues are very likely returning to us as ghosts from the past, therefore is also their weight being constantly present. And for worse, it is even being multiplied via snowball-effect:

2 Fears x 17 Doubts x 23 Ghosts from the past x … = One big Misery

Do not give in to that misery-formula. Confront your fears, be honest to yourself, try hard and try even harder. With every confrontation might a fear be dropped and the misery could shift to joy and happiness, eventually.

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