* Tweeting in everyday life [English]

It Happens in Everyday-Life

Tweeting has become a pretty normal activity of all, who are sympathizing with the social media, since we found it handy and beneficial for achieving our personal, emotional and social, or professional etc. goals. Since it can and should be used “on the go”, it is extensively integrated into the Everyday-Life and strongly dependent of user’ s respective situation.

Fitting Twitter into A Day

Arousing question is how do Twitter users integrate tweeting into their lives? For example, how are you managing your daily routines, to find some extra time, space and energy for the Twitter?

Brush Your Teeth before Tweeting?

When did you check your Twitter for the first time today? Did you do it “undercover” from your nice warm bed or have you brushed and flossed before speaking to your personal digital publics?

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