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Tweeting Context and Barrier

Presentation on “What makes us Tweet?” was the  first public revelation of my project outside of the University. Of course I was nervous, but I was also excited and glad that I did it. It was the 3rd Ljubljana Barcamp on Friday, July 15th. Some friends, colleagues and many (online) acquaintances were there.

The presentation is about all the very different factors that are influencing tweeting and publishing a tweet. So called tweeting barrier was also discussed, as an imaginary line between the potential tweet and the posted one.

7 Dimensions of Tweeting Context

I presume that there are many factors, ordered into variant (for now seven) dimensions that are colluding in the pre-phase of tweeting. They are re-creating context regarding the posting of a random tweet. I am interested in how those factors stimulate or hinder the tweeting:

Factors in the 7 Dimensions
Context or the pre-phase of tweeting
  1. green, individual dimension are factors such as user’s character, intimate condition, needs,
  2. red, dimension of causes, meaning factors like engagement of user, his or her values,
  3. blue is cultural space and stands, for example, for norms of certain community,
  4. turquoise is for the environment, influence “from the outside”, feedback to a user,
  5. yellow is incidence and exclusive occurrence, which stands for the factors such as direct addressing of an user with “@”,
  6. orange is technology, for example, crashing tweeting app as a negative factor, and
  7. lila is the “tweet-worthiness”, anticipating some criteria for digital publishing.

Tweeting Barrier

Imaginary line
Imaginary line

Tweeting barrier is an imaginary line between the potential and the actual tweet. On the left is the tweeting context or the pre-phase of tweeting, consisting of various factors (summed up into 7 dimensions) which are influencing tweeting activity. On the right there is an actual published tweet.

And exactly, what does it take to bring the mental concept, the thought from the left side to the right, to publish it on the Twitter, is one important research questions in my project… More about it is coming. Soon. Feedback appreciated!

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