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Love Revival #railsgirlslj

On Friday started first edition of Rails Girls Ljubljana, a workshop about Ruby on Rails. After Friday’s installation party, on Saturday started the real fun. Checking on css, html and “the real code” again, reminded me, what was the most exciting and fun part of my job in the web industry – playing in the lines, playing with the code!

Not to be mistaken: I never developed any code for real. I only discovered some bugs, made a correction or comment here and there and developed some html-prototypes. But still, I liked it a lot, playing with the words, tags and numbers all pretty lined up on the black screen. See that Sublime screen and all the pretty colors!

Colors & excitement

Suddenly I started missing that part of my old job (that was actually never really a part of my job) and started planing my own project. I’m thinking on developing my own “torrent-butler” app, which would know about my movie preferences, which movies I already watched and would know, if there are already any available download sources for it. Hopefully I can then make the Sunday-afternoon-what-are-we-going-to-watch-discussions more effective!

Thanks! <3

Ruby on Rails Ljubljana team + mentors, thank you very much for the nice and perfectly planned event. I learned a lot, had great fun and got all into playing with code again. *happy*

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